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Originally Posted by Xero187 View Post
Whether this would be valid or not, Touhoumon Wold's Creator (Another World/World Link/Marisa/s Magic World) has a blog type site you may be able to find a place to post news and info about this. I have a feeling since this is not a rom hack, it'll be accepted just as well as a rom hack would, probably more so since it would be technically building a game from the ground up that wasn't a different game to begin with
If I interpreted what you said correctly, I could possibly contact Aichiya Sanae and have him promote the Development Kit. It's not exactly a bad idea, but I don't want to. I'd also be much appreciative if people didn't go asking him if he would promote it - throwing that out there now to prevent further situations. I'd rather handle promotion by myself, and give it to others to promote when I deem necessary.
For now, the DevKit is fine as it is. There's a new version in the works which overhauls this sloppy one, but wont be released for a while.
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