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    I used a Ariados is a run of HG one time, sucks so badly, i would try as hard as i vould to get it in battles but its only half decent use was poisoning cause of its terrible movepool, i had a Sunflora on the same team with it and no lie it was 10x more useful than the ariados.
    I also consider Foretress extremely useless in game. No decent moves, only good defensively, I was so bored and annoyed with it i traded in a Vibrava before the elite four to take its place.
    Emolga, Swoobat, and Maractus have to be the most useless gen 5. I thought with emolga being so rare it would be worth training, but it has no use, only good speed but that didn't matter cause of the defence. Swoobat, used that in the frst play of Black. Didn't do anything, i replaced it with Mandibuzz late game, just as worthless.
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