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Originally Posted by Lifesolstice View Post
Name: LifeSolstice
2 Partner Pokemon: Swampert (ULiek) & Vaporeon (Tsunami)
Why do you want to swim with us?: I really have a passion for water and normal types. Of the eeveelutions Vaporeon is my favorite, so when I saw a Water-fan club I had to join!
Are there any current Water type Pokemon you'd see likely to gain a new stage in their line in the future generations? If not, are there any you'd like to get one? New stage counts for both pre-evolutions and evolutions. Personally, I really want Magikarp to have an evolution in-between it and Gyarados. It's a tiny little struggling fish that evolves into a huge powerful lake-monster thing. I know there must be a joke to that, but still.
Welcome, welcome!

I thought the Magikarp was unique in that sense. That was the whole gimmick. I also thought it was nice that you had the challenge of leveling up the Magikarp to get your prize of a shiny new Gyarados ;p

If Magikarp had an evolution before Gyarados I think it's uniqueness factor would be gone, and he would just be another boring (yet strong) Pokemon line :\