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    im trying to go with a strategy of having moves that would cover being super effective over most pokemon, and this is what i have:
    revenge-fighting type move-100 accuracy/60 power/10 PP
    gains intensity if users pokemon has been hurt.

    comet punch-normal-85 accuracy/18 power/15 PP
    effects: hits 2-5 times

    rock tomb-rock-80 accuracy/50 power/10 PP
    effects: lowers opponents speed if hit

    pursuit-dark-100 accuracy/40 power/20 PP
    effects: works especially well if opponent switches out.

    im planning on getting ice punch and switching it with comet punch when i get to level 26. this is for solo challenge so this is my team.

    ice punch-ice-100 accuracy/75 power/15 PP
    effects: 10% chance to freeze

    all of the moves i have are physical, and all make contact except rock tomb so it leaves me vulnerable to poison point and similar effects. is this an okay moveset? if not what is?

    this is the effectiveness of the moves, with ice punch instead of comet.
    fight: 2x normal, rock, steel, ice, dark
    rock: 2x bug, fire, flying, ice
    dark: 2x ghost, psychic
    ice:2x dragon, flying, grass, ground