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Well, it has been quite a while since my last update. I knew I wasn't going to update as much after beating the Eilte 4 but still. I've done a lot of the post game stuff like catching some Legendarys and further exploration. I have yet to capture Kyurem but I will get to it eventually. I've mostly been training my main Pokemon. The only new Leagendary I caught was Latias. I have also been exploring the Abyssal Ruins. All I'm doing right now is training up for a battle against Cynthia because my first battle...didn't go so well. Well here is my update on my Pokemon.

Current Team

Venix the Serperior(m) Lv68 Lax
Vice the Arcainine(m) Lv65 Mild
Napoleon the Floatzel(m) Lv67 Adamant
Dev the Krookodile(m) Lv65 Quirky
Kinesis the Espeon(m) Lv65 Sassy
Vincent the Lucario(m) Lv67 Docile

New Catches

Grunt the Aggron(m) Lv63 Brave
Buzzy the Yanmega(f) Lv58 Sassy
Crawdaunt(m) Lv59 Sassy (I will name Crawdaunt later when I think of a name.)
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