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Hi, this is my idea for a game that I will try to make when my laptop stops being........... wierd..


Deltora Quest was an eight book series created by Emily Rodda (Jennifer Rowe) and it is one of my favourite book series' EVER!!!

Deltora is a land of magic and monsters...

The mystical land of Deltora once thrived, and when an evil attacked from beyond the mountains that are Deltora's borders, Adin of the Del Tribe united all seven Deltoran tribes and created the Belt of Deltora, using steel and the talisman of each tribe.

But centuries later, in the time of Adin's descendant, King Endon, the belt was destroyed, the gems scattered and Deltora lost to the Shadowlord.


16 years had passed, and Lief of Del sets off with a man named Barda to recollect the gems and place them on the belt that had been restored by his blacksmith father Jarred. They meet along their journey many friends, such as;
And many more.
Lief and Barda travel to the places where the gems are hidden;
-The Forests of Silence
-The Lake of Tears
-City of the Rats
-The Shifting Sands
-Dread Mountain
-Maze of the Beast
-The Valley of the Lost
The gems, placed on the Belt of Deltora in the same order as Adin first put them in, create a SPELL far greater than the sum of it's parts. The gems are;
-Lapis lazuli

Will Lief, Barda and new companion Jasmine succeed on their quest? Who is Adin's true heir, the one who can use the Belt of Deltora's magic?? And how long until the Shadowlord finds out about their quest and tries to stop them???

...Deltora is a land of magic and monsters
Ok, so it is my Johto Dream Team...
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