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Black 2(Normal Mode) First Update:

Player: Tsunade
Playtime: 6:09
Badges: 2/8

Had to grind through the beginning of the game with just Oshawott and struggled to beat Cheren because of his work up hax. Eventually, I got past him and the real fun began. Traded over all the Pokemon I need for this challenge in their base forms (except feebas because I gave it a prism scale so it would evolve when I sent it over). I had to do some breeding and move teaching before I sent them all over but I'm happy with how my team's doing so far. Had to grind their levels up a bit before I took on Roxie but Larvitar ended up winning that fight for me easily. Right now I'm trying to get my whole team to at least level 20 before I fight Burgh.


Minato[m][Pikachu Lv.18]
~Volt Tackle,Thunder Wave,Quick Attack,Tail Whip

Tyson[m][Larvitar Lv.19]
~Rock Slide,Dragon Dance,Bite,Screech

James[m][Koffing Lv.18]

Neji[m][Combusken Lv.19]
~Flame Charge,Scratch,Focus Energy,Double Kick

Mei[f][Milotic Lv.21]
~Surf,Ice Beam,Splash.Tackle

Orochimaru[m][Gyarados Lv.21]