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Beta 2.7

Right, I've decided to reinstate this hack back to the Side Showcase for the time being because the motivation and work on the Hoenn half of the project has just plummeted; It kind of doesn't offer much of Hoenn at all really which doesn't deem it to be a Progressive hack. Since everything in Kanto has been edited from gyms to wild Pokemon, if this was to return to the Side showcase and I blocked off the access to Hoenn, this project would be 100% complete in that respect, hence why I have made this decision. This doesn't mean that the project won't be continued, I wanted to remedy the current situation by not having it up against much bigger titles in the Progressing Hacks section since not much work has been contributed towards it yet. I do hope to continue this at a later date however since I did enjoy creating Hoenn with atif, for the time being this will remain here in it's original place. - It will be moved back once HOTQ is over at the beginning of December.

I have been spending the past couple of days working on the Islands, making sure that they are working without any errors and making sure all scripts operate correctly and after reviewing all of this; I have added all of the legendary events that were not originally in Fire Red & I've released Beta 2.7 which makes this hack 100% complete.

A couple of images from the update;