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First things first, you should get rid of Victreebell's Flash using the move deleter man in the house next to the Pokemon Centre in Fuschia City, then you can have both Toxic and Sludge Bomb. Use a HM slave for Flash.

Hitmonlee and Ninetales should get you past Lorelei, smash and burn that ice.
Victreebell for Onix and Pidgeot for the rest should get you past Bruno.
Blastoise to ice beam Golbat and Marowak for the rest should get you past Agatha, but you might start to struggle with low levels here.
Pidgeot, Victreebell or Blastoise could take down Lance's Gyarados and then just use Blastoise's Ice Beam to take down the dragons.

And with Gary, Ice Beam Pidgeot, Double Edge Alakazam, Surf Rhydon, Surf Arcanine, Double Edge Gyarados, Ice Beam Venasaur. You could take them all out with Blastoise if you were lucky.

In fact, if you must train, focus your training attention on Blastoise.