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Aw heck, I'll post! c:

So I'm doing a run this time with night themed Pokemon only. Not only Dark types, but more so Pokemon that look like they would appear only in the night, or mostly in the night, and it's a rly hard thing to find tbh when you don't want JUST Dark type Pokemon. ;A;
So I decided to use my Action Replay for this thing since it's just a billion times easier to use it to get the exact Pokemon I want, so yes, I will be hacking in my Pokemon and their moves and stats and junk. You don't like it? Don't read it. D< (Cuz I still love them. <3)

Ok, so I met up with my mom and she told me to get out and get a PokeDex. Thanks mom, very motherly of you. So I meet up with my rival Hugh and he and I go together to get my Pokemon. I chose Snivy, and then it..."mutated" into a Lunatone! :'D Yay me!

So then he and I battle our newly obtained Pokemon, and I won by a landslide (with a Psychic).

Then, I continued my journey onto Floccesy Town where I met that old guy Alder and we chatted about maybe training me, but he decides that a map is more important than the well being of my Pokemon. Oh well. So I head over to Floccesy Ranch after playing in the big piles of leaves everywhere (due to it being Autumn) and found the obnoxiously friendly Herdier who didn't seem to mind playing with the Plasma Grunt that was trying to take him.

While there, I caught a Patrat, Mareep, Lilipup, and a Riolu.

I backtracked to Aspertia City to battle Cheren, and battle I did. His Pokemon stood no chance against my Lunatone's Ice Beam! >:D I got my badge, saved, and then went to bed. c:

Current Team:

Level 15

Ice Beam
Cosmic Power