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Well, I figure that I'll announce my return, lol.

It's been quite while since I was actually active here . . . or anywhere, really. At first it was due to internet problems, but then I realized . . . I kind of had something that you would call a life that I could get back to. Not that it was a very exciting life, and PC and all the other sites that I used to visit are still much more entertaining in many aspects, lol. I suppose I would have been forced to come back earlier had I not been able to talk to my PC friends on Facebook, lol. In my time away, I have gained the annoying habit of saying "lol" a lot (lol), and I also, somehow, managed to start my first relationship (<3), so all is well.

Hopefully now I'll be able to be active enough to keep up with PC and other such sites, although I won't be incredibly active just yet, if at all.

See y'all around~!
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