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    Originally Posted by PiemanFiddy View Post
    I agree with this, to a certain extent.

    I mean first off... I suppose making Marijuana legal just to teach people about the effects of it, or help people who use it medicinally is a good idea.

    On the other hand, there are such people which would abuse the substance for personal pleasure.

    Let's put it this way. Is it legal for the state of Florida to pass around Marijuana without medicinal use? No. Does that stop the people from using it? No. Whether it's legal or not really has no effect on whether or not people will use it, just HOW MANY people use it. The demographic only enlargens because it's legal, and therefore a lesser probability of being caught.

    Maybe one of the statements you have I don't agree with is the text I outlined in cyan. We don't need another outbreak of drugs/alcohol. There are already too many companies developing Cigars and Beers, which pass off commercials that like to pretend that their running an honest business instead of a factory which produces poison. I'm not implying that Weed is a poison, but it's going to become engrossed in the same market, and be passed off as such.

    I don't want Weed to be the next best 'hit' of American customs, which is why I'm thankful it didn't get any farther than Colorado or Washington.
    I don't exactly see what you arguing here...

    The evidence I provided for shows only that legalization would decrease frequent marijuana use/number of users. If you click the link that I provided, it shows how Portugal's decriminalization of all drugs has led to a drop in their drug abuse rate. You hit the nail on the head... there is ALWAYS going to be people who abuse EVERYTHING. As it now, in its illegal state, the abuse rate of marijuana is a lot higher than it could be. Why? Because people are given scant information and shown only scare tactics. This leads them to search for a deeper truth, which also probably isn't true. Then they either form an opinion that denotes it as bad, or good, and it is most definitely something in between. As they don't have the proper info... they can't make an informed choice... and thus the abuse happens.

    Legalizing it would ensure that those of who like following the law, that those of us who AREN'T criminals would be able to enjoy it safely. The small group that will still abuse it upon legalization is entirely irrelevant--that group exists with our without the legalization. The legalization provides only the way out for these people.

    Companies producing the drugs would be the best way to ensure that they are safe. Regulations would, as they have with the alcohol and tobacco industries, make it illegal for the companies to give such misinformation about their products. They would have quality standards to meet etc. There would be all sorts of warnings as to what could happen with the use of the drug. The cold hard facts. Not the scare tactics... not someone playing it down... the fact. So that YOU could decide for YOURSELF.

    Legalizing would only make the drug use safer. It would not lead to a "boom" in drug use, at least not on any reasonable grounds. And if it did... then they could pull the product of the shelf if the effects were too adverse. The federal government would also effectively disrupt the drug train if they were to do this... making it harder for the dealers on the street to make any money etc and they would slowly fade out of existence. I mean.. who would want to buy some risky drugs from the person down the street when you can go to the store and buy something clean and safe? I know I wouldn't.

    Anyways... Colorado and Washington are just the beginning. Emancipation didn't happen over night, and neither will this.
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