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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Pollution is a great example: your factory is on some land you own and in the process of running your business the factory generates waste. You leave on your own land, but it seeps into groundwater, or a river, and affects a nearby town negatively. -snip-
At this point, his actions affect more than just him... even if they were done on his land. If he disposed of such hazards properly, then it would affect no one. Then the government would have no reason to step in it. The government should definitely be able to step in at the point. But should it matter WHAT I'm producing in my factory? I mean... so long as I manage it properly so that it affects no one but myself? That is kind of what I am getting at here.

As for the seatbelt issue and what not... You've got me totally convinced on that. I can definitely see how that would come into play.
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