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    Originally Posted by sako View Post
    Why dont you insert the pokemon sprites of red and green version to make it look like you are playing the old gb version
    Red and Green? Well, first off, I'm pretty sure very few people on this site has memories of playing with the very first Pokémon sprites as a child (this is an English-speaking community, after all). Invokings of nostalgia would be from the international Red and Blue, instead. I'm not against adding alternate retro sprites for the old Pokémon, but doing so would lead to some issues.
    • Which sprites do I choose?
    • How will they blend in with the 2nd Gen Pokémon sprites used (if using sprites from a 1st Gen game)?
    • What do I do about the back sprites? If I keep them the same would it be best to use graphics from Gold (they're the same as 2nd Gen, for the most part)?
    • Do they get recolored? If so, what standards do they get recolored by, their original games or 3rd Gen standards?
    • Who would do the recoloring? That last one is there because I might butcher the original graphics.
    There's already another hack available that does a good enough job for what you're looking for. Lucky for you, I made sure it would be compatible with my hack!

    And, just so you know, I could inevitably include retro sprites natively in my hack for the Pokémon. I would just want to do it in a manner that would please as many people as possible.
    My hack:
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