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Ta da! :3

Name: Derek Affe

Age: 15

Hometown: Virdian City, Kanto.

Bio: Derek is a laid back, lazy trainer from the Region on Kanto. His hometown was Viridian City in Kanto, but in his early life him and his family had moved to Violet City - which he thought was a dull, purple colour, but the few photos his mother had showed him pointed out that his hometown was far more vibrant and colourful - in Johto. Derek's daily life consists of waking up, having breakfast, lounging around watching the television or occasionally he goes to the Poke Mart to buy resources for his mother and father, he then has his lunch, then he strolls through the route before Violet City and then he has supper and goes to bed. He's pretty much the most lazy kid in Johto.

Derek is usually in Johto, but when he goes to family reunions with his Grandpa and Grandma, he has to travel to Hoenn and his Aunt and Uncle live in Kanto. Derek has never thought about being a trainer before, but the last time he visited his Aunt and Uncle, Uncle Barry told him that becoming a Trainer is a great step in life, so currently he is training his 2 main Pokemon. Recently when he has been training his Pokemon 'round town, some of the Pokemon have had strange looks in their eyes, something just didn't seem right. They seem like they want something from you but they just don't know what, it's creepy.


Derek is a boy with blonde hair, a green and white striped jacket with a strange colour green scarf over the top and the same grey trousers everyday which kind of look like school trousers, which is friends hate as they don't like school with a passion.

Personality: Derek has the most amazing sense of humour, it's unbelievable. Nearly whatever he says gets a laugh, it's just in his nature. Being a new trainer, his current hobby is training his pokemon and seeing them grow further and bond closer. The only thing that is really annoying that he will never shut up, he just won't. He's always talking and talking and talking and talking and ... never mind!

Pokemon: Torkoal

Name: Steam

Ability: White Smoke

Gender: Male

Moveset: Rapid Spin, Lava Plume, Stealth Rock, Yawn.

Bio: Torkoal, or Steam, was Derek's first Pokemon which hatched from an egg. He got the egg on his last birthday 3 months ago, and he hasn't stopped training it since. It will never evolve, but Derek doesn't care because him and Torkoal are the best of buddies and always will be.

Pokemon: Kirlia

Name: Not yet chosen.

Ability: Synchronize

Gender: Female

Moveset: Dream Eater, Hidden Power, Psychic, Shadow Ball.

Bio: Derek only found Kirlia a few weeks ago hiding in a corner in Ilex Forest. She looked injured, so he then rushed over to the nearest Pokemon Centre, and then he planned on releasing her, but she just wouldn't leave here. He kept trying to leave her, but she was just attached to him in a way, so he decided to catch her after long thought.

RP Sample: (A small sample of my work from Hoenn ReBURST)

Littleroot Town

"Ah, Torchic!" he said. "A bit disobedient at first, but an excellent choice for a trainer like you, James!"

"I know it will be great!" he grinned, and sent Torchic out from her Pokeball. "Hi there, Torchic!"

The Torchic rudely turned her back towards James, and grunted, "Torchic!".

"So ... the hard type to please, eh?" James questioned. "I can cope with that, sure. Sooner or later, we'll get to know each other better! Now, what shall I name you? ... Hmmm."

"Ah! I suggest you travel out onto Route 101 before you name Torchic, just so you'll have an idea of how she acts and her personality."

"Hmm, I suppose that's not a bad idea ... Off to Route 101!" James proudly marched towards the door, but then another boy around his age collided with him. "Oh, sorry ..." they both mumbled. James then flung open the door, the sunlight hurting his eyes a bit.

"Wait! Wait!" the Professor darted back out. "I didn't have time to give you this," he handed him 10 Pokeballs, "and this!" James was handed a small, peculiar looking device.

"What's this?"

"That, is the Pokegear! A High Tech Encyclopedia that will record data about the Pokemon you see and catch, it's a new invention of mine!"

"So ... I'm basically your guinea pig for your invention that might not even work? What if it blows up?"

"Erhm ..." the Professor looked embarassed."I can assure you that it won't blow up, and I suppose you are a kind of Guinea Pig, yes ..."

"Oh, alright, thanks Professor!" and him and his newly acquired Torchic strode towards Route 101.


Route 101

"So then, Torchic, how about a little bit of training against some wild Pokemon? Apparently it's a good way to start your journey, I saw it on a documentary."

Torchic wasn't listening. James thought this wasn't good, the first moments with your starter Pokemon should be happy, not the Pokemon ignoring you. "What's wrong, Torchic?", but James didn't get an answer. He saw the boy who had collided into him earlier fighting a Lotad, but James didn't bother to get his attention as he looked far to concentrated on his battle.

"Well, I might as well have a look at your moves, there's no point if we go into battle and I command you a move that you don't even have ..." he said to himself. "So ... You have Agility, Toxic and Ember, and your Ability is Blaze. Ni-" But James couldn't finish his sentence, because at that very moment a wild Poochyena appeared!

"Holy mother!" James exclaimed, and Torchic gave him a strange look. "Please, please get into battle Torchic, please!"

Torchic looked at James, then at Poochyena, then at James, and then at Poochyena again. She must have been deciding whether or not she should get into battle. To James' suprise, she actually hopped into battle.

"Thankyou, Torchic!" James said, he almost had tears in his eyes. "Ok ... Torchic, use Toxic!" a stream of purple liquid squirted from Torchic's mouth, covering the Poochyena in the purple sludge.

Poochyena didn't look happy.

The Poochyena suddenly sweeped Torchic off her feet with a quick Tackle, and when she managed to get up again, he did it again, and again, and again. Torchic did not look too good. "Torchic, use Agility, run around Poochyena then use Ember!"

She spun around Poochyena, confusing him, and then set his tail alight with Ember. It howled it pain and anger, and bit Torchic's arm, and wouldn't let go, "Shake him off, then hit him with another Ember!", and she did. They both looked exhausted now, but James did what he had to do.

"Go, Pokeball!" he threw the Pokeball through the air, and it closed around Poochyena, and it wibbled, and it wobbled, and ...

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