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Originally Posted by Sudeki View Post
Open up NSE Classic, go to the sprite you want to change the palette number of. Make sure "Advanced" mode is on.
Then you want to find the "Sprite Offset:" Go to that offset in your hex editor.

Ripped from Metapod 23's thread
Here is what the hero's first overworld data looks like
and is broken down like this (courtesy of GBChacker's post):

FFFF     = Starter Byte
00     = Palette Number
11 02 11 = Sprite validation.
0200 = This is equal to the second 4 numbers in the Frame Data Pointer; this is the size of each frame
0010 = Width
0020     = Height
0110 and 0000 = oam data. Do not modify!
1@ 10373A08    = Points to @3.
2@ 9C373A08    = Void pointer\ unsure.
3@ 70343A08    = A pointer to @5 lol.
4@ A0003A08    = Sprite Pointer
5@ FC1C2308    = Pointer to pointers which point to code that loads the  sprite through the ewram into the sprite block of the vram and its data  into the oam.
I bolded the parts you are interested in. Do not forget to put the number in hex and not decimal.
Thank you for explaining that. I didnt go into as much depth, but I explained the basics of how to do it under Step 6.
I laugh looking at this.

But sometimes I want to come back to it...

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