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    Kaiba's was walking down the stairs after finishing a shower, while he was walking down the stairs he thought "Man that dream was really weird I can't believe that I woke up with burns but more importantly what was a Haxorous trying to say to me." as Kaiba thought about the situation that happened he found himself falling down the stairs at a very fast speed. He wasn't paying attention and he tripped which was very unfortunate. When he opened his eyes he saw that his parents were glaring at him with judging eyes because there's son had fallen down stairs. That's when his father said "Kaiba, hurry up and get ready to go on your journey" Kaiba got up and that's when his mother gave him a backpack. She then said to him "Never come back home until you become a Pokémon master champion whatever" following that little talk Kaiba headed for the door. That's when his family's Hitmonchan stopped him and his parents told him to take Hitmonchan with them for protection. As they were walking Hitmonchan made Kaiba practice jabs.While practicing his jab he accidentally hit a guy walking out of a bar, which then knocked that guy into three other people and that was just bad news Bears for Kaiba from there. Following that the three guys plus the guy that was jabbed were going to be beat up Kaiba, but before they could Hitmonchan came to the front to Kaiba and nodded for him to attempt to go away. Kaiba would agree and made his way to the lab hoping to get back in time to help Hitmonchan if possible. When Kaiba finally arrived at the lab he collapsed from exhaustion. He was very tired and that's when he opened his eyes and looked up and saw the professor leaning over him. "please give me a Pokemon" said Kaiba. "I need to help my Hitmonchan." Kaiba looked up again and saw a Axew come down from the professor's table. It grabbed a leaf off the professor's plant and started to fan the exhausted Kaiba. Then with a strong second wind, Kaiba grabbed the Axew and hoisted it into the air. "I want this Pokémon and no other!"
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