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    Click on Pokemon Johto Adventures

    My story is set like 15 years into the future after the BW events occurred. Unova Pokemon migrated because of various people traveling across the world for boats and how others just fly there.

    Ok, so I got this. Well there's this boy name Blake Chambers, a 10 1/2 year old ambitious boy that strives to beat the Pokemon League like any other amateur trainer. He's inspired by me actually, but I will make him age though and have character development for his hot headed characteristics.

    He can be kind of hot headed that can let people think of him as a kid however, but he is quite intellectual and skilled in fighting. But he has this father that was like him and left him at the at age 5.

    His partner, Quil the Cyndaquil, is like aggressive. He has a bad past of how his parents were lost and how people were meant to abuse him, even trainers that tried to own him or that owned him would hurt him harshly. That made him quite a monster though, especially with his massive power.

    Well, I tried making a team named "Team Earth", this evil organization that tries to get some special type of gem(s) so they can control the legendary Pokemon Lugia, Celebi, and Ho-Oh. But like Team Rocket, they get to steal Pokemon and they would test and experiment them for power.

    They also want to have world domination. Team Rocket that was disbanded 15 years back, returns back to business to fight Team Earth for that same purpose.

    Like I am planning on letting Team Earth make an appearance somewhere around the time Blake gets his 1st or 3rd badge of Act 1, where things slowly gets interesting while he goes his journey and get one of the sacred jewels that both of the evil organizations have by the monks of Sprout Tower.

    Anyways, I kind of need help with this. Like for fighting styles for Pokemon, how do I seem to make them interesting? Because like I was planning on Blake's Elekid fight a trainer's Lampent that is strong and fast that knows Will-O-Wisp and Hex.
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