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    Originally Posted by Nate VonGrimm View Post
    ROM Hacking will get the most recognition on here.
    Not many people like Pokemon Hacks done with RPG Maker.
    Just like word "hack" says, rom hacks are modifications of existing programs, in this case, pokemon games. Hack can be pretty much made of anything; you can do your own hack of Microsoft Word to make it function in a way it couldn't have before.

    Pokemon hacks are modifications of pokemon games to make them function in a way different way they did before; may this be done by redoing the build-in maps or totally re-writing the engine and making pokemon a mario-type platform game (this is something no sane person will ever done).

    Felt like saying this, don't take anything in personal

    RPG maker is a program that can be used to build games which is different from making hack (new program <--> program modification) . As for how the "most recognition" goes, yes, people tend to play rom hacks more than games made with game making programs. This is pretty much because the build in programs (pokemon games) are already fully functioning; have their own battle system, music, moving and events work, new scripts can be created easily etc.

    It's a long process to do the same for a game made from scratch with a tool like RPG Maker. The games made with game making programs often turn out bad (my personal opinion) and that's why rom hacks are preferred to them.
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