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Originally Posted by PiemanFiddy View Post
1. I'm arguing that Marijuana should be Illegal. As I've mentioned in one of my last paragraphs/statements, It's going to be a substance that's engrossed in the same market as Alcohol and etc. I don't want this world to have another thing to worry about like DUI's and the such. It's just an unecessary risk.
I still don't exactly get your point here. If you think smoking is too risky... then don't smoke??

2. You're telling me that legalizing Marijuana will DECREASE the number of users instead of Increasing it? That seems a little strange. But anyway, I kinda figured that there would be abusers of it since It's every man's dream to smoke pot. God knows why...
Yes I am. If Portugal is a model for anything... then yes, it makes perfect sense. Also.. it is NOT ever man's dream to smoke pot. I smoke... but it is certainly not my "dream." The abusers come in because everything has the potential to be abused.

3. Right, but this isn't the same as those stupid "Drink Responsibly" bullcrap commercials. Weed can intoxicate the human mind MUCH faster than Alcohol can. (depending on the type/brand) ...and knowing that people will abuse it only makes the matters worse. What happens when people start driving under the influence of it? Marijuana is essentially just another excuse for Car Accidents for the people who abuse it.
How is it not? Your claim is not only wrong... but also irrelevant. The rate at which the drug affects the body is different depending upon on how much you take at one time and your size. I could smoke three joints and take ten minute to smoke each of them. I'm not going to get very high. But if I poke a hole in the bottom of a beer can and "shotgun" a few of them... I'm going to get buzzed up very quickly. It also depends on what I'm smoking/drinking. Some marijuana has a higher THC concentration, some alcohol has a higher.. well.. alcohol concentration. All these factors would contribute to how fast and how "hard" the drug hits you. But like I said, it's irrelevant. It is illegal to drive drunk... it would be illegal to drive high. In neither case it is an "excuse" and the perpetrator would face legal punishment. And... People drive high now... that is already a problem... legalizing it would cause no change So... what point were you making here again?

4. Tobacco Companies and Breweries only say "You decide for yourself" to avoid responsibility of the people that buy their product. It is a blatant contradiction. Millions of people have died from the drugs themselves. Whether it be from Cancer or Liver Failure... or just from Car Accidents and such caused by the abuse of said drug.

Just because they think they can sign a paper to wish all their problems away, doesn't make them ANY less responsible for all those deaths. They willingly create a toxin, and sell it publicly, so they should have their own risks.

I don't want that to happen with Marijuana. You think Inspectors are going to make those information labels on the side of the product look any less threatening than It really is? Maybe not with Marijuana, but it's severely misleading with anything else.
But... the people do decide for themselves. No one is forcing you to drink beer or smoke cigarettes, are they? Certainly not the company. Furthermore... I don't see what the dangers of tobacco and alcohol have to do with the legalization of marijuana.

What paper are you talking about? I know of no such paper. PLEASE send it my way... I'd like to sign up. That is the thing, though, they are not responsible for those deaths. To blame them for the deaths is to blame people who make guns for every person that was killed as a result of that gun. And that is just asinine. You can't blame the gunmaker for what someone decided to do with their gun just as you can't blame the drug maker for what someone decided to do with their drug. Furthermore... you could always trace it back to be the fault of someone else. For instance... it isn't the gunmaker faults, but the person who provided him with the metal to make the gun. Or it isn't the drug makers fault... but the people who supplied them with the materials to make the drug. You could shift the blame around however you want... but in the end: it comes down to YOU deciding to use that product in the first place. Yes. They willingly create a 'toxin'\'. But they do not force the toxin on you. What risk.. would they be facing anyway? I don't see a corporate risk here.

Would the inspectors make the drugs look better than they are? No? That isn't their job. They just make sure that the factories are producing drugs that meet the health standards set.

5. The effects aren't adverse.. It's the actions the people take while they're under the influence of said drug. It's not safe, and as I mentioned before, It's just another car accident or misdemeanor waiting to happen. They might as well have recalled beer off the shelves when it went public, but of course, no one cared. You know.. millions of Domestic Violence calls, Black-outs leading to death, Car Accidents. I can't wait to 'laugh' at more of those stories.
As I said above... that would not happen. It would be illegal to drive while under the influence... OF ANYTHING. I don't exactly get what recalling beer has to do with anything. While it could be true of harder drugs... marijuana, tobacco etc. do not really affect our judgment skills. I could see the "domestic violence" issue only arising with alcohol and harder drugs. But guess what? It's already an issue. All these drugs that you seem to fear... are being taken... legal or not. The legality of such drugs would only go to ensure that people can get the proper help that they need. You know what happens when you arrest a drug addict? He goes to jail. You know what he does in jail to pass the time? More drugs! What a wonderful program that we have set up there.

6. If it becomes a legal drug among the entire country, then I'll really find myself to no longer belong in this country. I know America is 'land of the free', but that doesn't mean 'go around abusing Alcohol and Drugs and kill other people'. I just want everyone to live a healthy life instead of purchasing poison and making everyone around them feel more threatened.
How? We aren't forcing you to use it. We aren't changing YOU in any way. We aren't taking away any of your freedoms... we aren't doing ANYTHING to you. You have a very absurd notion in your head. And it is either that all people who use drugs are terrible, nasty people who abuse it, OR that when drugs are illegal no one does them. I don't know which one so I don't know how to further respond to you.

So yeah. That was the point I'm trying to make. Marijuana should be Illegal. I don't care what the redditors, or the Potheads, or the Delinquents say, It's too risky, and we already have enough of that in this country.
You are being EXTREMELY offensive again. Smoking weed does not make someone a "delinquent." I think it would be safe to assume that you have been fed your share of misinformation on marijuana--another a reason that it should be legalized, to prevent such travesties from occurring. You need to realize that taking a certain drug does not make someone bad.
Being wrong isn't "bad", failing to admit that you are, is.
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