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    Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
    Great to see ya here at the roleplay corner! That's kinda how I got into roleplaying here...just gave myself a few days to explore actually it took me a year lmao. We're a nice bunch, and we're here to train ya if you need any help. Be sure to read dem stickies in this section so you can know the basics of how roleplaying works here on PC, and you'll be on your way.

    There are a few roleplays out there that are taking spots, so why not check them out!
    Haha thanks! :] I'm not a stranger to roleplaying actually, it's just that I'm kinda new here to PC and haven't been in a RP in a while so I didn't know anyone or where to start. I browsed the rp corner and read everything to get an idea of how things work when I first joined so it was pretty helpful. The really good stories just seemed too far along for me to try and join, and I didn't want to wait for another one to come along so I just came up with my own RP and posted it up. So far things are looking good for my first roleplay here and I'm really looking forward to getting back into RPing again