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Update! (let's see if I can be a bit more organized now)

So after beating Cheren I head down towards Virbank City, where OMG my Patrat "mutated" into a Gliscor. :'D
So me and my newly added Gliscor go with my Lunatone and completely wipe out Roxie and her trainers like they were nothing. Then I became a movie star and now my player gets all the ladies. B] Convinced the ship captain to return to his job after completely wiping him out of the box office, and then ran into Team Plasma once again. Beat them down like the little wimps they are, and swam across the sea to get to Castelia City, because I'm a man like that.

In Castelia City, my Mareep "mutated" into a Seviper! Oh my! So me and my new Seviper completely destroyed Team Plasma in the sewers, as well as Burgh and his trainers. now I have three badges! Neat!

Heading up to Route 4 I meet up with a weird scientist with really bad hair. Says something about making Pokemon filled with Red Bull or something idfk. Either way, Gliscor beat down his Magnemite and his Klink, and then we continued onto the Join Avenue! There, my Lillipup "mutated" into a Liepard! :'D Grinded the Hell out of my Pokemon battling everything along the way, because I forgot when that insane level spike between Leaders begins, but i didn't want any chances. Saved, and then ended my game for a while.

Current Team


Suzie / Liepard
Level 34
Modest @ Life Orb
Ability: Prankster
-Nasty Plot
-Grass Knot
-Hidden Power (Fighting)
-Dark Pulse

Yuma / Gliscor
Level 34
Impish @ Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal
-Swords Dance
-Ice Fang

Lucy / Seviper
Level 34
Adamant @ N/A
Ability: Shed Skin
-Poison Jab
-Aqua Tail

Armstrong / Lunatone
Level 36
Modest @ Wise Glasses
Ability: Levitate
-Ice Beam
-Cosmic Power