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"Look what I got, Timmy!" Eri was petting her blue eel thing, who looked like it enjoyed it much more than his Pokemon had. Maybe he just had bad technique? And he sighed forlornly. It appeared as though nobody liked to call him Mothball. He couldn't understand why.

The other girl was gazing intently at her Pokemon and giving it a name that sounded like "Meta" or something. It looked awesome. Everything was just so fantastic, it was a brilliant day.

Mothball couldn't help but puff up his chest - what there was of it - proudly when the Professor proclaimed him and his Pokemon to be a cute couple, even if he wasn't quite sure what she was talking about. What did she just call the Pokemon? Larvitar? That was so cool.

He stood back up when the Professor began to talk about the pokedex. State of the art technology? He really, really hoped he wouldn't somehow break it. It must be expensive, and it sounded really impressive. He kinda couldn't believe that they would just hand it out to a bunch of kids.

He looked kinda confused when Professor Vayne began to talk about "symbols". Did he miss something? Oh shoot. Maybe it was like an orienteering exercise or something, where you had to travel to places and get a stamp to say you'd been there. That sounded plausible, didn't it? Before he could ask if Eri knew what she meant by symbols, the Professor invited them to take a pokedex. Shakily, he reached out to get one. It wasn't as though he was going to say "no" or something, so he might as well just hope for the best. It was surprisingly light in his hand, but that might be because he'd just tried to pick up a Pokemon which seemed to be made completely out of stone.

He watched as Eri used hers. It appeared to work just by opening them and maybe pointing it. With a sense of nervous anticipation, he did so and pointed it at his new companion.

"Larvitar, the Rock Skin Pokemon," the machine intoned, startling him quite a bit. "A dual Ground and Rock type Pokemon. It feeds on soil until it turns into a pupa. This Larvitar's moves are Bite, Sandstorm, Ancientpower, and Screech."

Mothball looked a bit overwhelmed. He stared at his Pokemon, who merely stared back. Then, quite suddenly, he joyfully threw his arms around the Larvitar who proceeded to look at him as though he was crazy. "You are the best, you really are," Mothball said happily. It was then that he noticed the words displayed on the screen of his Pokedex, asking him whether he wanted to change his Larvitar's name. Personally he thought Larvitar was already wicked cool, but both Eri and the other girl had changed the names of their Pokemon, so maybe it was a very common practice.

Mothball looked thoughtful. "I should call you... Boom!" he said with a wide grin. "Then everytime I send you out, I could be like... 'Go Boom', which, you know, sounds like I'm telling you to explode when in reality..."

Larvitar bit him on the finger again. "Okay!" he yelped. "Fine, not Boom." When the Larvitar let go, the two of them realised that she'd accidentally drawn blood. Immediately, the Larvitar looked apologetic, but Mothball simply reached into his bag and absent-mindedly began to wrap a bandage around it.

"Fine, okay. You're a girl. What's a nice girl's name?" he wondered, and made a face when his mind immediately supplied him with his sister's name, Maria. No, just... no. "If I call you Eri, I'm sure everyone would just get confused, right?" he mused aloud. "Um... well, she named her Pokemon Ruby, so I guess the green version would be Emerald, right?"

Larvitar looked unimpressed once more. "No, you're right," Mothball said, "Ruby isn't red, so I suppose it might be better to call you Sapphire." When the unimpressed look didn't abate, he shrugged. "Alright, not the way to go. Even though you're, you know, a rock. And gems are stones, and they're pretty and girls like them, so it would have been totally suitable."

He sat and thought some more. Secretly he thought calling her Onyx would be all kinds of fun, but he suspected that the Larvitar wouldn't agree. What was a nice name? "Shuriken!" he said eagerly.

Larvitar brightened at that one. She wasn't sure what shuriken meant, but it sounded better than any of the alternatives that he had put forward thus far. "Lar!" Mothball grinned triumphantly and entered the name into his pokedex.

"Alright, off to the Sahra Woods! Eri, you coming?" he exclaimed, full of energy. So full of energy that, when he began to walk towards the door, he tripped over a stack of things which then proceeded to crash down onto him. "Sorry!" he said, voice muffled, before getting up and trying to pick up everything that fell and placing them back on the desk. "Right, off we go," he said again, more sheepishly this time as he carefully walked out the door.

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