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Originally Posted by Feebas View Post
Need some help on the 7th Hoenn gym.
I realize that Tate and Liza are a Psychic-type dual battle, but I don't have any good Dark-types to battle them. I do have an Absol and a Mightyena, but neither seem to be adequate. Any suggestions?
Can you clarify if you're playing Ruby/Sapphire or Emerald please? It's cos their teams are different between the two and if you notify the game you can get further help.

I recommend using Water and Grass-type Pokemon so that you can hit their Lunatone/Solrock (and Claydol in Emerald) super-effectively. Remember that Solrock does have moves that can counter both Water and Grass-types so you need to be on-guard.

Also, they have a Xatu in Emerald so an Electric-type might also help but remember that Claydol can use Earthquake. You can also focus on attacking one of their Pokemon and once you knock out both of one side's Pokemon you can focus on the other side. If you're playing Emerald you can also take down Claydol and Xatu with an Ice-type attack, you can simply teach Ice Beam to your Water-types.
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