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Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
Like I am planning on letting Team Earth make an appearance somewhere around the time Blake gets his 1st or 3rd badge of Act 1, where things slowly gets interesting while he goes his journey and get one of the sacred jewels that both of the evil organizations have by the monks of Sprout Tower.

Anyways, I kind of need help with this. Like for fighting styles for Pokemon, how do I seem to make them interesting? Because like I was planning on Blake's Elekid fight a trainer's Lampent that is strong and fast that knows Will-O-Wisp and Hex.
I'm interested in learning why Blake gets one of the sacred jewels. If it has the ability to control a legendary Pokemon, I would think that the gem would be more guarded then, and not readily given to a ten-year-old boy. I'm sure you have a reason for it.

As for the fighting style, there's a few basic pieces of advice. Remember that the Pokemon don't just stand still during battles. Describe how they move when dodging attacks or performing their own. As for attacks, use them in different ways. Like in this thread, where Quick Attack is used to move around the battlefield, and not just as a quick dash to ram into the opponent.

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