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Originally Posted by AllyJacqui View Post
Are you trying to do that in XSE or Pokescript? Because it doesn't seem to be like a XSE script. And for where you put the script well that depends on how you want the script to be used. Are you wanting it to fire when you talk to a person? When you walk on a tile? When you enter a room? Although it looks as if you are wanting it to fire off as you enter the room. To fix that garbled text mess after the level script ends. You will need to do this to fix it :

Open the map in Advancemap, Go to the header tab. Make sure the "Professional Header view" is on. Then find the section for "Map Script offset", Take that offset put it in XSE click the "Level Script" button, and press decompile. Then look for where your variable is, I'm assuming you are using 5000 so find that. And you will see that advancemap changed it to "FFFF" simply change that FFFF to 0 and compile again.

If you are indeed trying to make an XSE scripts and such you can send me a PM and I will try to answer any questions you might have with it, instead of potentially flooding this thread with lots of posts.