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Originally Posted by Sudeki View Post
Are you trying to do that in XSE or Pokescript? Because it doesn't seem to be like a XSE script.
I wrote it in Pokescript, and I had to decompile it in XSE.

Originally Posted by Sudeki View Post
Open the map in Advancemap, Go to the header tab. Make sure the "Professional Header view" is on. Then find the section for "Map Script offset", Take that offset put it in XSE click the "Level Script" button, and press decompile. Then look for where your variable is, I'm assuming you are using 5000 so find that. And you will see that advancemap changed it to "FFFF" simply change that FFFF to 0 and compile again.
I've already been through that stage, I had no FFFF for whatever reason and it stayed as 0. I thought that meant the script was all good, But apparently not. It still gives me the garbled text. Thats why i wondered if i had to get a new offset or something.

Just tried compiling it again, and now it freezes on the spot. Great, :/

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