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    The chitin armour is probably just a return of the same stuff from Morrowind (though I don't know what creature(s) it's made from), as are spears — they were in Morrowind too. Dawnguard and this expansion have certainly set a trend of letting Bethesda profit on re-introduced content. Shameful perhaps, but it's improbable that they could've included even half of this on release, I admit. Maybe in a future expansion, but hopefully this one, we'll see a return of throwing weapons.

    It's actually very bizzare that spears would be used in a two-handed fashion. The Saxons and Vikings that the Nords are based on relied on the famous shield-wall (which the Nords actually use according to a Stormcloak account), wherein the spear would be held overarm in one hand in order to reach over the enemy's shields, while fixed to one's left arm would be one's own contribution to their side's wall. Of course this is a fantasy world where one doesn't need to be a upperclassman to own a sword and afford tutelage in its effective use, so I could just as well keep to those, but I would still like the option to defend myself effectively when using what is ostensibly a defensive weapon. Polearms are my choice of preference when they are available, but they are rarely available, so I would appreciate seeing them done well.
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