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Your best bet for a Garchomp based build is to pair it up with Altaria as that gives each of your dragons + 20 damage. It works well because you have Gabite to search out the Altaria as well as Garchomp but you do need ball power to get the Swablu cards out. Here's a sample deck list;

Pokemon 21
4x Gible {sand attack}
3x Gabite {dragon call}
4x Garchomp {mach cut}
4x Swablu {song}
3x Altaria
3x Emolga {call for family DE)

Supporters 13
4x Professor Juniper
3x N
3x Bianca
3x Skyla

Trainers 15
4x Pokemon Catcher
3x Level Ball
2x Switch
3x Rare Candy
2x Energy Switch
1x Super Rod

Energy 11
4x Blend Energy WFLM
6x Fighting Energy Fighting
1x Water
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