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Originally Posted by dreamengine View Post
EDIT: Where did the the offset 0x1D6947 come from for the flare blitz part?
It's part of the main Battle Script Attack Handler, all moves branch back to it at some stage. In this case, it's the relevant part needed to execute the remaining effects and faints and such.

Originally Posted by SchokoInc View Post
Thanks for the amazing tutorial it worked perfectly for me
Still i have one major problem that prevents me from fully using and editing my moves
As the GameEditor doesn't work for me i use several other editors like YAPE (which also lets me fix the pointers and allowed me to add my new moves to my pokemon even if they are now just named Pound or Karate Chop) but i haven't found a move editor yet that let's me change the .ini to repoint the move table and makes it editable
When i opened up the .ini for A-tack the offsets shown for names/data are



which is quite confusing and changing them to my new offsets scrambles everything up
(YAPE had the correct offsets for moves in the .ini and changing went perfectly so there is nothing wrong with the rom itself)

EDIT: While not fixing the problem itself i solved the problem by overwriting the ORIGINAL move data instead of the newly created ones
You can't use any editor apart from PGE for the new moves or for applying them. No older editor supports them properly. YAPE especially, is a bad choice of editor for this new move stuff!
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