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    I really want to know why people like music artists. Lately when I asked some people why they liked hearing someone, they answered me with nonsense answers like "He`s just good" or "I just like him" and the worst "He looks cute", so post here what is your favorite artist or band and why do you like him/them? later discuss with others for their reasons, I`ll start:

    My favorite band is Sylosis, a Death Metal band from england, they at the top of my list because even if they focus on the Death Metal genre they take inpirations from many other metal genres, Melodic Metal, Trash Metal and many other. After their first album "Conlusion of an Age" the singer quit the band, the lead guitarist, Josh Middleton, took his place while staying the lead guitarist, basiclly Middleton is my role-model as a fellow guitarist, he can do amazing things on the guitar while singing.
    The thing that amazed me the most was that I found a few days ago that they had an instrumental song which was very quiet, it showed me that even if they can do loud things and blow your head, they can also do quiet and relaxed things, this song helped me rise from a depression that I have lately as my best female friend left the country for 3 years.
    So this is why I like them. Silence From Those In The Sky
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