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I've always wanted to do one of these. And now that I finally started to play White 2, I'll finally be able to! And it'll be a good activity boost after taking a nice and long leave from PC.

Judging from the length of what I typed up, this might actually count as an LP of sorts, haha. Without the visual aid, of course, because I'm lazy.

[B2W2 Travel Journal: Entry #1]

Booted the game up and picked the guy. Named him Patrick, as always.

So far the game looks neat. Walked around Aspertia City and enjoyed listening to the music. I'm loving this game already; having the hometown as a relatively bustling city is a nice change of pace. My mom seems pretty spunky, haha. Soon I met the rival, whom I named Hugh, and walked to the where Bianca was. I love it when the camera pans to a nice view at certain locations, glad that they still have that from BW (and depicted pretty early, too! I wonder if there'll be more of this later).

Chose Tepig as a starter because I've never actually played through White as Tepig, so I though I might as well pick him in the sequel! It's a hard choice, since Growlithe's available early on in this game, and Arcanine is one of my all-time favourites. But I've had an Arcanine for HeartGold (which I only recently beat, because of the surprisingly difficult Hail-infused, Blizzard-filled Red final boss battle faced against my Ice-weak team, haha), so I guess I'll leave Arcanine from my party this time. :(

Fought the rival and his Oshawott with my newly received Tepig (level 5, Rash nature; I'm okay with it since he needed a Special Attack boost anyway). It was a tough fight because Oshawott went with a Tail Whip > Tackle strategy, while Tepig is as sluggish as ever. Thankfully I pulled through with my Tackle spam, albeit at critical HP. I love Oshawott's new animation though. The scalchop tricks made the fight look more dynamic, in a way. XD

Anyway, after that I went with Bianca's obligatory tour for the newbies of the franchise. Which makes me wonder how useful this must be, since a lot of the players of the sequels, I presume, have played the first one and pretty much know what she's talking about already. But eh, give the gal her time to shine. At least she's not as ditzy as before (and looks pretty stylish with her new glasses, which may or may not be Cheren's).

Moving on, I finally got a few Pokéballs! So I shuffled around the new Route (Route 19, iirc; which I must say looks lovely in autumn) and found only a couple of Patrat and Purrloin. A bit disappointing, but I guess I can't find Tepig company so soon. I love how this Route opens to the right, though. Just like DPPt. Now if only it would open downward. I don't remember the first Route of any main series game that opens south of the hometown. But if you do, then VM me, because I'd like to be corrected and not just be a stupid jerk all talking about this for a whole paragraph.

I soon got to Floccesy Town from Alder's lead, after unintentionally grinding my Tepig from the wild Pokémon encounters that hoped for a good Poké to add to my team. Alder's still traveling the region like always, and I like how he's no longer the Champion but still keeps an air of ancestral wisdom or something like that. After a little exploring, I went ahead to Route 20 and caught my first catch! A female Sewaddle (level 4, Lonely nature, Swarm ability; I'm happy to have a nature that boosts Attack, but the Defense stat drop sounds pretty nasty; Swarm is better than Chlorophyll in game imo so yay) looking all cute and saying "Catch me!" almost subliminally, so I did. And Tepig seems pretty happy to have company. B]

Anyway, I battled my first few trainers, shuffled around the tall grass and fallen leaves (plus I sank in the leaves twice, which was a cute quirk) in order to explore and know of the Pokémon available in this Route, and after seeing an open road north, I proceeded there without a care in the world (nor any intent to look for my rival and proceed with the story).

But then I find this cool little ranch, Floccesy Ranch, which was really a better-looking ranch than the one north of Olivine City back in Johto ever was (although the valuable Moomoo Milk supply in the latter made the place a frequent pit stop). I was then surprised to see my rival and caught off-guard with a challenge! Thankfully he only had a weak little Oshawott, although I still had to switch from Sewaddle to Tepig because the former's defenses weren't good enough. So I came out victorious! Then when two ranchers approached us and made me think we were about to take part in the first double battle with rival in the game, I get informed that one of their Herdier was simply lost. Hugh seemed to be in a real hurry to help them, but I was taking my time.

And by taking my time, I mean looking for aspiring party members in the captivating tall grass just below the pair of ranchers. I shuffled around and faced even more Unova Pokémon, which I was almost getting sick of looking at, until lo and behold, a female Azurill pops out of the tall grass! Of course I'm gonna catch that; a Fire-Grass-Water type trio this early in the game sounds too sweet to pass up (even though Azurill's still a Normal-type but whatever). So I switched to my Tepig after a Water Sport and a Splash for good measure, and I proceeded to spam Ember. Until finally Azurill was at critical HP, just ripe for picking. I throw a Pokéball, spam A + Down and hope for the best... and poof! It popped out of the ball! Man Azurill has a high catch rate apparently.

But I was unfazed. After two more Pokéballs, I finally hear that short jingle, and I know that I've caught my third party member. That is, if it has Huge Power, because that ability changes everything. And I mean everything. As if the opportune events wouldn't stop coming, I actually got a Huge Power Azurill (level 5, Careful nature; which might have been a bad one what with the Special Attack stat drop but Huge Power so I don't care)! There's only one problem. I've heard female Azurill has the uncanny ability to swap genders upon evolution. Which would be so weird so I'm hoping from the one-third chance of that happening that it doesn't happen to mine. Anyway, I'm glad I decided to keep the default Pokémon names like always. Otherwise, I would have gone through the odd choice of either picking a female nick and possibly changing it upon evolution, or picking a male nick to name the female Azurill which might actually keep its gender so I'll have to change it too when that happens. After all that jazz, I just grinded a little and saved.

I'll just interject this randomly here and say: I absolutely adore the music in this game. Because I cannot stress that enough.

It seems I've played for a whole hour so far, so I guess it's a good time as any to end this here. The lost Herdier can wait. I'll always be ending my journal entries with my saved data and detailed team so far, because why not?

Current Stats + Team
Date: 11/24/2012
Name: Patrick
Money: P4828
Adventure Started: 11/24/2012
Location: Floccesy Ranch
Gym Badges: 0
Pokédex: 8
Time: 1:02

Azurill (F)
Level 7
Ability: Huge Power
-Water Gun
-Water Sport
-Tail Whip

Sewaddle (F)
Level 10
Ability: Swarm
-Bug Bite
-String Shot

Tepig (M)
Level 10
Ability: Blaze
-Tail Whip
-Odor Sleuth

Shamelessly copying Jellicent's format because it is awesome. Thanks, Jellicent!

Anyway, that ends my first journal entry. See ya.