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I love when I don't play a challenge for months, revisit it, get addicted, and end up making tons of progress. Last time I updated I had like...two party members, right? Well...SHABAM!

Player: Aqua Grunt Alice
Game: Ruby
Color: Blue
Badges: 7

Brandeis / Swampert (m) lv. 44 @ Quick Claw
Surf, Ice Beam, Mud Shot, Strength

Celeste / Altaria (f) lv. 44 @ Amulet Coin
Fly, Flamethrower, Dragonbreath, Ice Beam

...Blue? / Chimecho (m) lv. 44 @ Lax Incense
Confusion, Shock Wave, Shadow Ball, Yawn

Azure / Heracross (f) lv. 44 @ King's Rock
Brick Break, Horn Attack, Endure, Take Down

Cerulean / Lanturn (f) lv. 43 @ Magnet
Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Surf, Confuse Ray

Maya / Regice lv. 40 @ Exp Share
Icy Wind, Superpower, Ancient Power, Curse

Gonna get some TMs for Maya obviously. And then progress the plot and maybe finish this by tonight or tomorrow night! Also, the Chimecho hunt went surprisingly well. It didn't take two hours haha. Maybe about 30 minutes.

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