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hey kyle, glad to see this project back again although it seems like it's in kind of a mess right now. hope you find a good programmer that can get the whole deal back on track. this project seemed very promising back then and it still does now. you've got a lot of skill and great ideas and i hope you can make it work! i'd love to help betatest once you've got something running!

if actionscript 3 isn't working out for you and/or you can't find a programmer for that, you might consider switching to a different engine. html5 maybe? this is your chance to do so, since you're in-between scripters but you have a lot of resources (HUD, overworld tiles, Fakemon, etc.) that can be reused easily.

it would have been nice to see some more progress before you recreated the thread, but i guess now is as good of a time as any to make a bid for programmers. good luck!