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November 12, 2012

I started off the morning by having my gym battle against Burgh!

Castelia Gym Challenge
Vs. Burgh

“My bug-type Pokémon have been scurrying with excitement to get to battle you again,” Burgh told me. “You remember my great Pokémon! Remember my Dwebble’s round little eyes, and how resilient and reliable it is? Or my ace Leavanny, who makes clothes for Pokémon out of leaves!”

“I can’t wait to see your new team!” I tossed my first Poké Ball. “Koffing, maximize!”

“Come out, dear Swadloon!” Burgh responded as he sent out his first Pokémon. I definitely had the type advantage.

“Ok, Koffing, start off with a Smokescreen!” Thick, dark smoke came pouring out of the holes all over my Koffing’s body.

“Trying to hide, I see! But we’re ready for that.” Burgh talked and moved with great arm gestures. “Swadloon, tie it up with your String Shot!”

So we were both starting off by using attacks to lower our opponent’s stats. But Koffing isn’t too fast to begin with, so I wasn’t too worried about it losing speed.

“Now, fire Razor Leaf along the line into the smog!” Swadloon followed its trainer’s command, and landed a hit on Koffing, though it was not very effective.

“Our turn,” I said. “Koffing, use Sludge!”

The blast of poison fired out of the smoke cloud and hit Swadloon for super-effective damage!

“Lights, please!” yelled Burgh. “Time to show you what bug-type Pokémon are made of! Swadloon, use Razor Leaf again!” The attack hit again, but Koffing brushed it off as easily as the last one.

“Koffing, finish this with one more Sludge attack!” The attack was more than enough to knock out Burgh’s Swadloon.

“Swadloon is unable to battle,” the judge said as he raised his arm. “Koffing wins the round!”

“Well done, Koffing, now return and take a rest,” I switched out my Pokémon. “Raticate, you’re up next, maximize!”

“That must be the Rattata you caught in the sewers underneath this very city! It looks like you’ve raised it well!” Burgh complimented. “Let’s see how it does against my Dwebble! Come out!”

“I’m going to start out strong,” I said. “Raticate, use Hyper Fang!”

“Dodge it, Dwebble!” Burgh’s Pokémon nimbly jumped out the way of Raticate’s attack! “Now show them your new move, and use Rock Polish!”

“Wow, your Dwebble got faster since our last battle,” I commented. “But we’ll slow it down. Raticate, use Scary Face!”

“Ah, that fearsome look pierces right to my soul!” Burgh is always the artist. “Dwebble, ruin that stare with Smack Down!”

Dwebble’s fast movements allowed it to quickly throw a rock at Raticate, making it stagger back a bit.

“Hang in there, Raticate!” I encouraged my Pokémon. “Get back in there and use Bite!”

“Keep showing them your artistic moves, Dwebble, and use Rock Polish again!” Though Dwebble did take the hit from Bite, its speed continues to increase from another stat boosting move. “Now use Smack Down and knock it back again!”

“Raticate, use Sucker Punch, quick!” My Pokémon did manage to get in the move preemptively, but it still took damage from its opponent’s attack as well.

“Don’t let them recover,” called Burgh. “Smack Down, once more!”

The Smack Down attack landed a critical hit on my struggling Raticate, leaving it with very little strength left.

“You can do it, Raticate! Hyper Fang, let’s go!” It struggled, but it did manage to chomp down on Dwebble with the attack, though it didn’t do much damage.

“Raticate, you showed great endurance. Return, and take a good rest.” I knew I needed to switch tactics. “Ok, Koffing, you’re up again!”

Koffing took the field. It was a little tired from having battled already, but still had a lot of energy left.

“You’re probably going to try to lower Dwebble’s accuracy like you did with Swadloon,” Burgh analyzed. “But we’re ready for that. Dwebble, hit it with your Faint Attack!”

Faint Attack never misses, so Smokescreen would be useless.

“Now, follow up with Smack Down!” The second attack hit as well, and caused Koffing to fall out of the air by negating its Levitate ability!

“We’ve got to slow down that Dwebble,” I stated. “Koffing, use Clear Smog!”

Clear Smog surrounded Dwebble, and cancelled all the speed boosts from its Rock Polish move.

“Very good,” complimented Burgh. “But it’s time to give my Dwebble a Hyper Potion to restore its strength.”

“No fair!” I cried. Dwebble was fully healed from the potion it was given. “Fine, we can handle it. Koffing, blast it with Sludge!”

I was hoping for Sludge to poison Dwebble, but no such luck. Dwebble countered with another Smack Down, and this time, Koffing was really struggling. It got off one more Sludge attack before Dwebble finished it off with yet another Smack Down.

“Koffing is unable to battle,” the judge said as he raised his arm, this time in the gym leader’s direction. “Dwebble wins this round!”

“Koffing, return,” I said as the red beam removed my knocked out Pokémon from the battlefield. “You did a great job. We’ll still win this, don’t worry.”

This might be a problem. Raticate can’t take another hit. And my last Pokémon is at a huge type disadvantage. But, I have to risk it.

“Growlithe, I choose you!” Out came my final choice. “Quickly, use Flame Wheel on Dwebble!”

“An artistic choice, straight from the heart!” commented Burgh. “Dwebble, dodge it and use Rock Polish!”

Great, Rock Polish is increasing its speed again, and now it’s faster than my Growlithe.

“Follow that up with Smack Down!”

“Growlithe, Flame Wheel, one more time!”

Both attacks were super-effective! Growlithe took massive damage from the attack, but came out on top.

“Dwebble is unable to battle. Growlithe wins!”

“Great job, Growlithe!” It replied triumphantly with a bark. “Hang in there a little longer for me!”

“Dwebble, return, very well done.” Burgh’s last Pokémon was no surprise. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Could I be in trouble? Leavanny, come out!”

“I figured as much! Growlithe, get ready!”

“Leavanny, use Cut on Growlithe!"

Leavanny was faster than Growlithe! Leavanny slashed at my already worn out Pokémon, and Growlithe was barely holding on. (1hp!)

“You can do it, Growlithe! Flame Wheel, let’s go!”

Not surprisingly, Burgh’s bug and grass-type Pokémon, though strong, was no match for the fire-type attack. The battle was over, and the judge declared me the victor!

“You are still as strong as ever, even with new Pokémon,” commented Burgh. “It’s no surprise I lost. Take this Insect Badge for your new badge case! And keep working hard, and always remember, it’s the little things that count!”

After winning my gym battle, I headed back to the Castelia Gardens. I caught a few more Eevee, including one in a Nest Ball and one in a Dive Ball. (I also caught a pair of female Eevee during my search.) It looks like I now have my 7 Eevee, and can start training them to evolve into their various evolutionary forms.

Dream World: Amoongus. Found: nothing new; Teddiursa with Crunch.

That evening, I decided to take a ride on the Royal Unova to battle any trainers onboard. I had Igglybuff, Onix, Sunkern, and one of my Eevee transferred to me. It was actually some tough match-ups; I had to use a lot of items, and I barely won my last battle with only my Eevee being still able to fight.
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