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Penance 'Defender' Malum

Crystals. All everyone was talking about was crystals! Silver crystal this! Gold crystal that! Who cared about stupid crystals!? Well, a Sableye might, hell all their talk of crystals was sure to drive on a Sableye's hunger through the roof, but none of them were Sableyes were they now? Nope! Well, the ditto could be one, maybe his hunger would be driven up? Though he doubted the others tried crystals before, he certainly hadn't! The Golduck crossed his arms, his good mood out of the cave now. They all talked some more about evidence and junk like that. He didn't care about evi anything. In fact, why talk and talk when it wasn't doing anything? There wasn't a bit of lick of sense that could come from talking, instead they should have been wabbering out plans. Talk about the future to help with what was to come instead of smacking about the now and then.

That Alakazam continued to speak to them, but Penance shut off his ears. He could do that when he really wanted to ya know! It was a cool trick, not everyone could do it apparently. Just another skill he had that made him even more unique! It was fun to be unique.

What had really gotten him thinking though was everyone speaking about their next destination. Penance smirked as his mind began to whirl. It had been some time since it had happened. It would be fun actually. He had a good idea in his head that could help them all out. Though, he would have to be rather.... unique when he would start this off. Like he told himself, it would be fun! Penance chuckled to himself as he started following the others out of the cave. He just had to mark the right time to do it.