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    I did already, sorta, out of repetitiveness. Already what, like, 9 games on the DS using the same goddamn engine (or 5 if you do not count version polar opposites). I didn't even bother with White 2 (might get it in the near future, though.) The formula is too perfected to change most likely, but with most games nowadays being action games (Mario, Zelda, etc... Heck Wii Sports) I think there should be some ARPG spinoffs. That's why I liked Pokemon Rumble Blast, screw the reviews.

    I also hate how the veteran fans get no love, and they are mostly focusing on the little kids when it comes to marketing/advertising material. They release every single game to be E for Everyone to stay on the safe side and have all the kids buy it, and anyone who wants to play a bit of a non-child friendly Pokemon can go to hell (And they made our favorite characters disappear in favor of others in the anime). I see this as a "Thank you guys for your money, we don't need you anymore."

    So, yeah, if touching Pokemon SoulSilver or White once in a blue moon doesn't count, I stopped Pokemon.

    Please don't direct hate at me, but's that's how I see it.
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