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    Hi everyone,

    I've a question: how can i change the rivals name in my hack? I want when i use \h06 in my script the new name appear instead of old.

    I do this with thingy, and it works. The problem is i can't change the numer of letters of names...since i'm using Ruby, the female name is only 3 letters long!

    thanks a lot
    \h06? That's wrong it should be \v\h06... Instead of using that you should just input the name that you want. So instead of \v\h06 you can just put Gary in the script so it will look like a new name for the Rival.
    I'm hacking Ruby. The name of rival change depending of gender of player...if i play with a boy, the rival name is MAY, otherwise is BRENDAN. Any one have another idea?

    After, another important question: i'm using PKSV for scripting. How can i insert special char like * or arrows (arrows are useful in signpost for example)

    Thanks a lot