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Recently I've really started admiring some certain Psychic types like Grumpig and Medicham and my opinion is being changed about them a lot. I used to always assume Psychic was a pretty boring type which no interesting features and that it was always the same basic thing with Psychic Pokémon, but my mind has been changed from using some of them so I'd love to join and discuss them more :D

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Answer to the current topic
A good move set for Mewtwo...? Honestly I don't battle much so I have no idea .-. I guess I'd give it Aura Sphere and Psychic for sure since those are two of it's best moves, then probably Calm Mind to take advantage of its bulk to let it power up and then either Ice Beam, Thunderbolt or Shadow Ball in the last spot for type coverage? Once again I hardly know anything about Mewtwo since it's really not a Pokémon that I particularly like, so this set probably isn't great for it lmao.