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    Hey LeSabre. Thanks for stopping by! *fixes typos*

    I'm glad you liked the battle. Your advice helped me a lot, and I'm glad I was able to convey the emotional mayhem of the battle effectively.

    And yes, Rick didn't make the smartest move by talking about his petition plan in a hallway, then continuing his rant when Lona got there. But when you get down to it, taking out his anger at Lona was really all Rick wanted to do. Even if his petition had succeeded, he still would have wanted Lona to find out that he had started it so that she would get a feeling of bad karma coming back to bite her. (But you have to admit, a big confrontation scene is much more entertaining then a million secret-undercover scenes where Rick carefully plots Lona's demise. And due to Rick's lack of organization, that was what ended up happening. Hehe.)

    No one wants to make pokémon the whole focus of their life.
    This is the one part of his rant that I do agree with though. After all, it's why Lisa's gone from using her Persian to using her .40 handgun and the front bumper of her Buick to fight her battles :P
    Think also what that might mean to Michael. Especially considering who he's going to become in some years :P

    And Michael? Call home? xPP Are you sure you're reading the same story I'm writing?

    But yes, you interpreted the last line of the chapter correctly... We will be checking back with Patricia very soon, since from here on out, her perspective on things becomes very important. I can't say that the answer to the question about their relationship will be too soon in the coming, but in the subsequent chapters the development towards it will at least will be more visible.

    More on that and everything else... next chapter!

    *Flies off*

    (And goodness, I almost forgot it was that time of year again. :P I like the new signature.)
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