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Is there a Pokemon/and or move you think should of been a Dark type?
Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw, definitely. Also Haze, I really don't get why that's Ice type - creating a load of mist and fog to hide in certainly seems like a Dark-type tactic to me. As for Pokémon, I think Seviper certainly should be Dark type! Everything about it just screams "I'm evil!" and it uses some really tricky tactics; a signature feature of most Dark type Pokémon. I reckon Glalie too should be Dark type for the same reason as Seviper since it appears to just be one huge ball of floating evil, but I guess you can't always judge a book by it's cover haha.

One that I've always been interested about is Lucario - does anyone think he should be joint Dark type? I know he's supposed to be a pure-hearted aura guardian, but being a Dark type doesn't mean the Pokémon has to be evil - it just means it has access to the darker powers and tactics that come with the typing. I'd say Lucario is certainly a Pokémon whom has the appearance of a Dark type with the look in his red eyes and the black face-mask pattern he has, plus he's a Pokémon that relies strongly on tactics to be strong with a lot of tricky moves, so I think Dark could suit him pretty well - especially better than Steel (I have no idea where that typing comes from :p). Thoughts?