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    Originally Posted by RenegadeShroom View Post
    1) R/S/E occur at the same time as FR/LG.
    2) Emerald taking place after R/S doesn't make sense. If it does; how come the player character moves to Hoenn twice? Why are they the exact same age? How come everyone reacts the same way to them? Why are Teams Aqua and Magma still at it, trying by doing almost the exact same things as before? Why do none of the gym leaders or elite four recognise the player character, and why is Steven randomly waiting for the player character to deliver the exact same letter as he was delivered by the player character years before? Emerald is just the director's cut, how the director wanted to tell the story.

    Most likely, Steven calling himself champion just means that if there are remakes/sequels, then they'll be for Ruby and Sapphire, not Emerald.
    I didn't say they did. I was saying there's seems to be a paradox based on what they say about the champs just like how Opelucid city creates a paradox for Black and White in which the kid from white in the extra battery event is grown up in Black and has a kid of his own and in the event they mention time travel...yeah confusing I know.

    And as Emrald said their no mention of exactly where it took place except that it had to happen some time (proably years) before B2W2. It could've taken place a bit after the fourth gen actually...

    Yeah it seems Emerald is the Canon story Steven points out the obvious that the stones in Opelucid are Emeralds...pretty much to me it signals that Emerald's story will be the one used.
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