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    By the time I got back downstairs, Vieve ad responded. I let out a sigh of relief, I thought I had pissed her off beyond return.

    BV: Hey Vieve.
    BV: Im sorry I yelled at you. But can you stop ignoring me?
    BV: We have to work together on this thing
    BV: And I have to get up to my gate somehow
    BV: Hello?

    PS: It’s done.
    BV: Merci. Thank you.
    Well, time to do this, I suppose. I go back to my room to grab some things before I ascend. A pack of peanut butter crackers, and a can of coke. I'm kinda hungry. I chow down on some sweet nutty flavors and a shot of coke. Heh. Sounds like I'm talking about drugs. Nah, this is definitely coca cola. But you obviously knew that. Wait...who is you? The f*ck, now I'm talking in second person? What the f*ck Vinnie. Back to semi third first person. That totally exists. Yeah. Much better. Anyway, I decide that's enough snackage for now. On my way out I notice a ladder going straight up. Strange, how I didn't notice that earlier. Shrugging, I start climbing.

    "Thanks, Vieve!" I call out into the sky, passing my window. Maybe she can hear me on her computer. Anyway, I slowly make my way up, luckily not being attacked by any f*cking imps. Damned flying bastards. Pretty soon, I can touch my gate...

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