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Alright, I've been looking at this RP for a while now and finally, thanks to Claire among other things, I've decided to write myself up an SU. Hope it's good enough! There are some points I need to talk about though, which I'll mention here:

1. Hope it's okay that I chose 2H hammers, since just a hammer seemed a bit dull for me, and that it makes sense that there'd be 1 and 2H swords, as well as 1 and 2H hammers. If it's not okay, do tell me

2. It says in the OOC and IC first post that the level to choose from is at 15 max, but this changes in a couple of posts, as well as the floor and the 'current event' saying floor five, yet people are level 20+ and being on floor 8. Might just be me being confused, but I worked floor 8 into my SU none the less Hoping it's okay.

Name: Alec Bransen (Nick in-game: Bralec)

Age: 22

Country: Denmark

Appearance: Alec has slightly broad shoulders and is somewhat tall for someone his age. He has short, nut-brown hair, bright, light-blue eyes and a slightly square jaw.
He’s a little bit overweight, but he wouldn’t be counted as fat, or obese. Merely chubby.
In-game, he usually wears a brown apron, a short-sleeved, brown shirt underneath it and a pair of dark-green pantaloons. He carries a large, two-handed hammer on his back whenever he’s outside of town, though that doesn’t happen all that often.

Personality: Alec is a pretty laid-back guy who tries to make a gloomy situation bright, but his jokes and cheering doesn’t always hit the right spot. He does what he can to make those around him comfortable, but if something goes against what believes, he’s going to be stubborn to the last to get his way.
He’s not entirely fond of fighting, though he will if pushed to it, despite him actually being rather good at it, having a sound combat strategy; Hit them fast and hit them hard.

Life before SAO: Alec had grown up in a pretty rough environment. He had been living in poverty with his parents during his childhood, up until the state took him away from his parents around the age of five, giving him to a foster home.

His foster parents had a decent amount of money, so from then on, Alec could actually start living. He lost contact with his parents fairly early on, and despite his attempts at contacting them later, he wasn’t able to find them.

He kept living his life, pulling off decent grades at school and whatnot, despite being the black sheep of his class, what with everybody making fun of him. He went in on it himself and just laughed it off, trying to come off as the class clown, pretending to be ridiculed on purpose.

Eventually, he got into uni, working towards getting his degree within economics and sales, but before he managed to finish his course, during the summer break, he bought a new game. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out which one though!

Current Level: 20

Weapon: 2-Handed Hammer

Non-Combat Skills: Speed and Forgery

Summary of first month in Aincrad: Alec had played online games before, so he knew exactly what to do, after getting into the system. He had managed to get himself a couple of levels, as the announcement and lock-in came. It became a race against everyone else to progress, and so he joined up with a party of four others he had never met before.

Him and his party were at the front lines, fighting onwards, but after clearing the fourth floor’s boss, half of his party had been wiped out. This took the fight out of him, and he abandoned the idea of fighting, instead going into the crafting business.

He’s now been able to set up shop in the town within floor 8 where he runs his adventuring shop, which sells all manner of items, magical, crafted as well as items needed for crafting of potions and food and whatnot.

Roleplay Sample: Alec slowly opened his eyes, blinking slightly in the bright sunlight shining down over the square where the newly logged in people were appearing. He tried to conceal his excitement, taking a deep breath of air.

“… I can’t believe this. I’m actually here. I can see… smell… taste… this game is –amazing-!”
Finally letting out his pent-up excitement, he grinned brightly and set off in a dash down along one of the streets of the town, right now not really caring about where he was going, simply wanting to experience the game on his own.

“Hahah! This is amazing! I’m so much faster than in real-life! I’ve got good cardio for once in my life!”
Chuckling to himself, he came to a stop in a row of NPC traders, smiling as he strolled along, looking at the different items. After a few steps, he decided to try and get himself accustomed to the game’s inventory system.

He spent quite a long while getting accustomed to everything before heading out to try and fight some monsters, and after another couple of hours of fighting, he logged out to get himself some food.
The next many days, he spent more or less constantly on SAO, perfecting his game and coming up with new ways to fight and learning more and more about the game’s system, both combat-wise and crafting-wise.

On the sixth day, he had finished grinding the mobs he had set himself as a goal and he came to a stop on a hill, overlooking the fields and a small lake outside of the second town on the first floor. Smiling to himself, he stood there, watching as the skies were painted orangey-red, the sun setting behind the hills off in the horizon.

He closed his eyes, smiling as he sat himself down in the grass, laying onto his back and, for the first time in his mediocre life, actually feeling free.

“… This game is going to be my life from now on. I can’t wait to play again tomorrow…”
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