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I just wanted to post a possible team structure. Bear in mind when making suggestions I like to go for some unusual choices while I play in order to experiment. Also, levels are not posted since this is only a plan, not a team I actually have. However, I am partway through the game already, so certain aspects will not change without completely changing pokemon. Namely, the natures of the first two pokemon.

Emboar; Relaxed; Blaze
-Head Smash
-Hammer Arm

Simisage; Hasty; Gluttony
-Seed Bomb
-Brick Break
-Rock Slide/Shadow Claw

Carracosta; Relaxed; Sturdy
-Rock Slide
-Shell Smash

Reuniclus; Modest; Magic Guard
-Calm Mind
-Focus Blast

Galvantula; Naive; Compoundeyes
-Bug Buzz
-Energy Ball

Golurk; Adamant; Iron Fist
-Shadow Punch
-Dynamic Punch

I am aware my team suffers from a lack of flying types, but I don't really like BW's selection of flying types.