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    [QUOTE=Curious.;7421407]How so? According to your previous claim, you said as long as a team has a good strategy behind them, then they can beat substantially stronger opponents. So, then, why wouldn't a team of combee win against a tougher team, if they had a better strategy?QUOTE]

    It's got little to no stats whatsoever, and I don't see it lasting long against anything. Pretty much any finely EV'd Pokemon will 1 hit KO it. You're also completely missing my point. I said in the first post I hate when people bash other peoples teams because they aren't the best Pokemon. I was basing that post off those 2 teams I mentioned. It's clear that the first team is weaker than the second team, but still able to beat the second team. That's if the user had good IV's and proper EV's not to mention a good moveset and with a good a good strategy. So Combee isn't even a valid discussion to my point.

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