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I can offer a female Whismur with Rattled and Hammer Arm

Species: Landorus
NN (Optional): Doesn't Matter
Gender: ?
Nature(s): Whatever Works Well
Best IV's (Max 2): Hp and Sp. Atk.
Egg Moves: None
Ability: The Dream World Abillity you get from Pokemon Dream Radar (don't know what it is?)
TM/Move Tutor: I can handle.

And the next one

Species: Sableye
Gender: Female
Nature(s): Adamant
Best IV's (Max 2): HP and Atk.
Egg Moves: Substitute Sucker Punch
Ability: DW
TM/Move Tutor: I can handle it
PewDiePie rocks
I would also like to adopt a bullet punch blaze kick riolu.