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    My ash black paws have been replaced by yellow and brown ones. I turned around. My tail was now TWO whip-like brown strips. My ears looked the same. My veins had a green substance running through them. You can tell because they where completely visible. "Aagh! What am I?!" I shouted. "I don't know! What did you lay in?" Checkers said, her rings glowing orange. That meant she was terrified. "I think it's...nuclear waste." Checkers looked aghast. "Omigosh!" Her rings started glowing brighter. "I've been exposed!!" I said, clearly being humorous. "It's not funny." Checkers said. She stifled a laugh, though. "Checkers. This is...GREAT!" Her rings changed to a surprised yellow. "What?" I grinned. "It's great! You and I are the most rarest Pokemon in the world! Besides all the other legendary Pokemon." Normal green rings now, she said. "Yeah, you're right. We are!" Her face lit up. "WE ARE THE RAREST POKEMON IN THE WORLD!!" She shouted. "Jeez. Let the whole region know why don't ya." I said.
    We settled down in Castelia City. We now have a little boy, Kippy, who is a Nuclbreon. And we are the happiest rare couple in Unova. And we like it that way. -THE END.
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