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Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
Sup. What is your goal ? Im assuming its to gain muscle mass since he said you need to eat more.

Firstly you need to know how many calories your body needs and then we can go from there. A tool that has been awesome for me is; i find other calculators overshoot it a bit, i found that one works the best for me. If you want to "gain mass" then add 500 onto the maintenance calories.

It would be also be helpful if you gave me your weight and height then i could calculate roughly how much of each you need.

In general you want to be eating good whole foods, ill list some for you. Eat as much vegetables as you want for vital minerals and fiber. Drink plenty of water. Brown Rice, brown pasta, brown bread, Oats, Potatoes are all awesome carbs. All kinds of meat work for protein really along with cheese and eggs etc. I also call Milk, Beans and Nuts (and peanut butter) "perfect" foods for you when lifting weights since they have essentially everything you need packed in them. As for the sweet sugary foods, id tend to avoid them bar after workouts to replace lost muscle glycogen quickly. Fruit is great too. Also id recommend taking a protein supplement, they really help meeting your protein demands. Weight gainers can work also if you really are struggling getting enough calories in throughout the day and are a naturally slender person. Basically moderation is key along with meeting your daily calorie needs.

I hope this helped clear up some stuff for you. :)
thanks, that was really helpful!

Apparently my maintenance intake should be around 2400 calories per day
I told it I was 174cm, weighed 64kg, and exercized 5 times a week
But I don't want to get really massive, I just want a little muscle (it's really hard to explain)

I have no idea how I'm going to eat that much today I've barely had 1500 yet today but oh well.
And the foods are great! I normally eat veggies a lot, and tons of water. I recently switched to brown rice, but not brown pasta (but I did buy some), I have muesli - which I hope is like oats - for breakfast usually, and I barely ever eat sweets (except for the occasional 85% dark chocolate).

I take a protein supplement (mushasi or something) 3 times a week after my runs but I don't think I'm the naturally slender person.

When I was in school I used to make sandwiches with brown bread and lettuce, carrot, cucumber, turkey, and cheese (and sometimes spinach if it was there) for lunch and yogurt, nuts, and fruit for recess. It was so much easier to eat healthy when I wasn't hope where mum had keeps all the crap