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    Originally Posted by AllyJacqui View Post
    Yep, they're set. That's always one of the first things I do on a map (Well, besides making the actual map ahaha) The ones I'm having problems with are the ones set to not being able to move around atm.
    By any chance are the person event numbers higher than 10? If it is you must always do everything in hex.

    For example if you have person event no. 10 with you, Then make it 0xA instead of 0x10 cause 0x10 is equal to person event no.16.

    Remember this is how hex goes.

    10 = A
    11 = B
    12 = C
    13 = D
    14 = E
    15 = F
    16 = 10
    17 = 11
    18 = 12

    You can also convert decimal to hex in XSE.